Welcome to Blackbird Early Years Music!

Providing an outstanding music curriculum, and instrumental tuition for children, from age 3.5

Music foundation classes; group and individual instrumental lessons, across Bristol

Money back guarantee on Autumn Term lessons!!

  • Experience live music every week
  • Read rhythm confidently
  • Improvise and create music
  • Explore original songs and material

Founded in 2014 by concert pianist, teacher, and former BBC Young Musician of the Year piano finalist, Helen Reid, Blackbird Early Years Music classes provide a unique opportunity for children to study music in small groups with professional musicians. The curriculum has been devised to help children to learn to read and understand rhythm, using fun characters, designed especially by artist Belinda Evans. In addition, children learn to move to music; become confident singers; talk about how music makes them feel; understand musical terms; and even become conductors for their teachers! The classes provide the perfect foundation for learning an instrument and Blackbird also offers beginner instrumental lessons.

Please do contact us with any questions (blackbirdeym@gmail.com) and we look forward to welcoming you.

Helen Reid, founder of Blackbird Early Years Music