Blackbird Classes in Bristol

Term Dates: 09/09-09/12, excluding half term (dates vary according to teacher - please doublecheck correspondence)


Tuesday, 2.15 - Montpelier

Wednesday - 10.15am, Montpelier

Thursday - 10am, St.George

Saturday - 10.05am, Southville

Saturday - 10am, Coombe Dingle

Stage 1:

Tuesday - 4pm, Montpelier

Tuesday - 4.40pm, Montpelier

Wednesday - 4.15pm, St. Werburghs

Thursday - 4.10pm, Southville

Saturday - 10.45am, Southville

Saturday - 10.40am, Coombe Dingle

Stage 2:

Saturday - 11.25am, Southville


Blackbird Early Years Music is run by concert pianist and teacher, Helen Reid. The classes provide a musical foundation for children from 3.5-7 years old, and are designed to fill the gap between baby and toddler music classes, and more formal instrumental learning. Small group sizes (4-6 children per class) allow for a high level of individual attention, whilst encouraging musical interaction, fun, and the development of important listening skills. The classes have been designed to correspond to the primary areas of learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage. Core activities include: movement to music; clapping and playing rhythmic patterns; listening and responding to music from a variety of cultures and traditions; singing; conducting; improvising and creating our own pieces of music.

Children learn rhythmic patterns through fun characters, especially designed by illustrator
Belinda Evans. They will learn original songs, composed by Helen Reid,Dominic Sewell and Laura Trundle. They learn to read rhythmic notation, and sing using the Sol-fa system. After a year, the children will learn to read and write rhythmic notation, providing an excellent base to progress to learning an instrument.

There are 3 stages:

Preschool (Ages 3.5-5) - movement to music; learn new songs; pulse, dynamics, articulation; listen to, and clap back rhythms; recognise some basic notation; learn about different instruments; and improvise and create music together.

Stage 1  (Ages 4-6) - Read simple rhythms; singing simple melodies in Sol-fa; build on work on pulse, dynamics and articulation; improvise and create music; and learn about different instruments.

Stage 2 (Ages 5-7) - Understand, read and write rhythmic notation; recognise and pick out rhythms; sing simple melodies at sight; clap rhythms at sight. Understand a range of musical terms and concepts.