Music Foundation Classes

Current Preschool Music Foundation classes (ages 3.5-7) please email to discuss the most suitable class for your child)

10-10.30, 10.40-11.10, Coombe Dingle

Coombe Dingle, led by violinist Doretta Caramaschi

Classes are half an hour long, with a maximum of 6 children and cost £6.50 each. Please contact doretta at

Classes are grouped according to age. In the classes the children sing, move to music, conduct, talk about how the music makes them feel and the different characters and moods of the music, and start to read rhythm. We never test the children, but children receive certificates according to the following levels:


Term 1 – Children learn all the animal songs, and are able to recognise, clap and differentiate between the different animal rhythms. They understand basic concepts of pulse, dynamics and articulation.

Term 2 – Children have started to use basic solfa to explore and improve pitch. They learn several new songs, and are starting to put rhythms together and clap them.

Term 3 – Children can talk about the character of the music (happy, sad etc…), understand the concept of rests, and are starting to read some basic rhythmic notation. They also explore some of the instruments of the orchestra.

Term 4 – Children are now starting to focus a little more on reading rhythmic notation, as well as learning new songs to reinforce what they have learnt so far about articulation, pulse and dynamics.

Term 5/6 – Children begin to write notation, with the help of a basic theory book. They learn some of the harder songs, as well as recapping earlier concepts.

Please contact us at, or or 07931 931603, to discuss the best class for your child. Classes are grouped according to age and experience.