Georgiana Lowe (Bmus) - St Werburghs, Bristol

I grew up in New Zealand where I studied piano from the age of four. I also learnt a number of other instruments, including clarinet, recorder, guitar, ukulele, pipe organ, fortepiano, harpsichord and piano accordion.  I went on to receive a Bachelor of Music in Performance Piano from Otago University and now live in Bristol where I work as a piano teacher, choir leader and child minder.

I have enjoyed working with children in a variety of settings throughout my life, including music lessons, art classes, nannying, buddy programmes and accompanying dance classes and exams. I am also mother to one daughter.

I love to travel, and have seen first-hand how powerful music is as a universal language. I’m happy to be able to provide an opportunity for children to become inspired and enthusiastic about music from an early age.