Find out what parents and children have been saying about Blackbird Early Years Music!

'From the first class my daughter was engaged by the calm and fun way Helen teaches. Out of classes she often bursts into a blackbird song and always practises what she has learnt without being prompted. She really enjoys being there and we highly recommend the Blackbird Early Year Music Classes.' - Emily, Bristol

'We are so lucky to have such a talented and experienced teacher introducing our 2 girls (aged 4 & 6) to music. Our girls have so much fun singing and learning music rhythms and are even beginning to learn reading music for the first time. Small classes and a friendly atmosphere make this an ideal place to introduce your small child to the joys of music. The concerts Helen arranges are also outstanding. The young children are free to dance and sing along, no being told to shush here :) Fantastic music experiences all around.' - Sarah, Bristol

'The Blackbird Early Years Music Classes help to develop the essential key characteristics in primary learning. It is a natural experience for my son, who always has a spring in his step after the lessons.' - Jo, Bristol

'We have been in 3 Blackbird's concerts and we all, especially our 19mo little one, enjoyed them. The repertoires are great for both kids and adults and there is always an introduction on the piece and the instruments. At the end of the concert, kids can make music with kids’ instruments and join in singing nursery rhymes, there are also cakes and tea to enjoy at the very end. The atmosphere is very welcoming and relaxed for everyone. We highly recommend them :-)' - Kyra, Bristol