Blackbird Instrumental Lessons for Beginners


Blackbird instrumental lessons for beginners offer a combination of musicianship activities, taken from the Blackbird syllabus, as well as instruction in the instrument you have chosen. We currently offer violin and piano lessons, as one-to-one, or in groups of 2, for children from age 5.5 (younger children may be taken, at the teacher's discretion, but most teachers prefer to start with children no younger than 5). If a child is younger than 7, we ask that they take at least a term of Blackbird classes, to provide the musical foundation, which we strongly believe will help make their transition to learning an instrument easier and more fun!

The lessons are in groups of 2, and cost £10/half hour lesson. One to one lessons cost £15/half an hour.There are limited places available. Please email for more details, or to discuss the best route for your child.